Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thoughts on Spate of Violence in Northern Ireland

Thoughts on Spate of Violence in Northern Ireland

The rejection of the killers of Officer Ronan Kerr was widespread and from all communities and quarters:

Prime Minister David Cameron

Gerry Adams

Fr John Skinnader

First Minister Peter Robinson

Church of Ireland Bishop of Derry and Raphoe Rev Ken Good, and Dr Seamus Hegarty, Catholic Bishop of Derry

And the investigation seems to be developing so perhaps those with information have come forward:

Third arrest over Ronan Kerr murder

However, that same article states the dissident groups are targeting Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) members in spite of the public rejection of their methods.

And most recently, a 500 pound bomb was planted in a van under an overpass on the Belfast to Dublin motorway.

In these cases, the key seems to be dissident Republican groups. The peace makers in Northern Ireland have to ask themselves why haven't the people in these dissident Republican groups been reached when so many in Ireland have? The integration of the police force seems to be making them insecure and angry. Would more public statements by Catholic / Republicans who want the PSNI integrated reach them? Somehow the peace process passed by these dissidents. What steps can be taken to turn their hearts and minds so they have no desire to resort to violence?

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