Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Irish Short Films

This post is simply a list of short films in the Irish language on YouTube with English subtitles. They vary in quality and style. However, they have multiple uses. They are uniquely entertaining. They mostly show the most common dialogue words used in Irish. They can help Irish language students learn conversational Irish. If you can read English, you don't have to speak Irish to understand the dialogue. Or even Chinese or French, but you'll see what I mean.

Fíorghael (Irish Language Short)

Féileacán (Irish language short)

Fluent dysphasia - Classic irish language short film

Fluent dysphasia -(part 2)Classic irish language short film

yu ming is ainm dom. full version

Ní Féidir! (Short Irish-language Film with English subtitles) 2011

Identity Crisis (Irish short film with English subtitles) 2001


An Interview On a Documentary on the Irish Catskills

For an expanded discussion by Reverend Harold Good of reconciliation in Ireland: Click here.